Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Center

AAPI Center

M I S S I O N 

The Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Student Center is committed to provide holistic services and programs that assist Washington State University to retain, develop and assist AAPI students in achieving their highest education potential. The Center is also committed to explore, educate, and celebrate the rich diversity within Asian American & Pacific Islander communities.

There are 52 cultures under the umbrella-term "Asian American and Pacific Islander." Though each culture has its unique characteristics, we are united in the common struggle of adapting to Pullman away from the comforts that our cultures may have provided. Things such as: family, food, climate and community advocacy/support are vital to feeling comfortable in a college climate.

The AAPI Student Center recognizes the unique and breadth of experiences within the 52 cultures, striving to accommodate students to feel at home at Washington State University. The AAPI Student Center is committed to building community leadership and academic advancement for students of all cultures. It is a place to relax, meet other students and find useful information to survive in this stressful college environment.

We provide academic advising, tutoring through the Multicultural Center's Academic Enrichment Center, student mentoring, personal counseling advocacy, leadership training, a computer lab and numerous programs throughout the year. We encourage all students at Washington State University to take part of campus activities and to take advantage of these great opportunities.